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Colenz® Ultimate Home Cleansing System - Call (385) 438-4118 to Purchase

Colenz® Ultimate Home Cleansing System - Call (385) 438-4118 to Purchase

Includes board, tubing, 5 gal. molded bucket, 2 nozzles.


    Introducing a Class 1 non-prescription, FDA registered, client operated colon cleansing device. No Medical Director required. This revolutionary colon cleansing system is so easy to use and so comfortable, your clients will do it themselves! You provide the facility, equipment and supervision, they do the rest. The results are astounding! Our professional installation team is available to insure the device is correctly installed and fully operational in your facility. Complete training on the device is available from our team. We are always here to ensure our customers are totally supported.

    Our nozzles are extremely comfortable and very flexible. They have a rounded end with two holes on each side. 

    Many accessories and attachments are available, including an upholstered knee rest, back cushion with pillow and an extender for taller clients. The device is available in two color options (teal blue & beige). We are committed to producing the most comfortable colon cleansing experience available.

    This device is compliant with FDA regulations set forth for the industry which includes the benefits of cleansing the lower bowel or colon with clean water.


    We stand behind our products. All Colenz® systems carry a two year warranty. Also, the boards have a lifetime guarantee, if the board should break during normal usage it will be replaced at no cost. You will not find any other company that even comes close to backing the quality of their unit with the guarantees that we offer. 


    The Home Cleansing Unit is an oversized shipping item, resulting in higher shipping costs. As our costs increase, all pricing is subject to increase without notice. Shipping costs will vary according to amount ordered. Please call for details.


    Back Pad and Pillow $210

    Collapsible Stand $250

    Individually Wrapped Nozzles $3 

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