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More About Us

With 30 years of extensive training in the Natural Health Field, Elyse Ipsen is a certified health specialist with a mission to empower her clients to help them heal themselves naturally.  


As a young child, Elyse suffered with allergies and eczema. Her mother taught her the benefits of herbs and reflexology. She gained a passion and knowledge that she wanted to expand and share with others. She has come to know that it isn’t just about living, it’s about the quality of life you live.


She has witnessed the consequences of eating the SAD “Standard American Diet" . With her immediate family health history of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, her family genes are an indication that it is necessary to eat healthier, exercise and manage stress in everyday life.


Her holistic health journey began when she was seeking recovery from a miscarriage. She was advised by her health professional that her body must be stronger in order to carry a baby to term.  This set Elyse on a course to discovering the power of colon hydrotherapy and detoxification. After implementing colon hydrotherapy  and transitioning to an organic diet high in raw foods, she improved her health dramatically. These experiences have inspired Elyse to become a certified colon hydrotherapist. Elyse realized it was time to share this talent with her community and Wellness Within Me was founded.


Elyse Ipsen has been dedicated to the field of holistic health for all of her adult life and has studied at the Trinity School of Natural Health and the International Association of Colon Hygienists. She received her colon hydrotherapy certificate and was then trained as a digestive specialist. Subsequently, she took specialized training in biofeedback. She took further training in the trinity programs and became a certified natural heath professional.


Elyse offers personalized sessions to guide her clients though cleansing and transitioning to a better diet. She tests the bio energetic fields of the body to discover imbalances. She employs a variety of modalities in her healing practice including nutritional counseling, aromatherapy, chakra balancing, kinesiology and detoxification therapy.

Elyse's holistic vision and dedication to internal wellness have helped clients of all backgrounds and ages move toward their health goals. Her mission is to empower her clients who wish to enhance their internal and external wellness by cleansing and rebuilding their mind, body and spirit.

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