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"The Colon Hydrotherapy at Wellness Within Me is the most gentle cleanse of the gut I have ever experienced. Since I was on a deep bowel cleanse, I felt it was important to do several sessions to complete the cleansing process. I love the way their system is set up. It is very discreet.  I was completely covered up, and I had control of the water flow valve. I recommend this system over other colon hydrotherapy."

-Linda Radford

"AMAZING!!! Elyse was so amazing!! She was very educated and helped me to feel comfortable the whole time I was there. I love meeting people like Elyse who care about what they do and they are so willing to help others. Beautiful facility and very knowledgeable staff!!"

-Brooke Adamson


"I loved the service! I love this wellness spa. Everything you need all under on roof. Elyse goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and well cared for. She really cares about her clients and it shows."

-Lisa Whetman


"I loved the place. It was very peaceful. The sauna was amazing and relaxing. I definitely will be back."                   

-Andrea Reese


I first started using the Vortex to heal some mental trauma. After my second treatment, I noticed that my thoughts were calmer and my mind was more enlightened. I could actually feel my brain healing. I also noticed that my third eye chakra was opening up so that I had clearer inner sight. The Vortex heals mental inconsistencies and balances the emotions. It is a very relaxing experience and I often fall asleep during a treatment. 



"I recommend Wellness Within Me to everyone!!! I Love this Place!! Elyse is great!!! She makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Not only did I receive great service but I also learned so much about my body. Very informational. I will never go anywhere else."

-Marcelina Grayer


"Very Well informed. I loved the service!"

-Paul Zisakis


"Great company."

-Cora Long


"Elyse is such a caring, knowledgeable and warm person. She offers a wide variety of cleansing methods at her office. She also has classes to further enhance your knowledge of cutting edge products in this area. I highly recommend it."

-Tami Arbon


"Warm and friendly service."

-Tanya Truong


"I love Wellness Within Me!!! I have been to a few different locations for hydrotherapy and haven't returned for one reason or another. Elyse is great and my experience has been enjoyable. I highly recommend Wellness Within Me!!"

-Kim Trupp


"I totally enjoyed this class. The thing I love about it is that it is open ended. The direction of the class can change based on the needs of those participating. My daughter is so sorry she didn't come. I learned so much from those classes. Thanks for putting them on."

-Jeanine S.


"The bio-feedback is a very unique system. I have seen and been tested on diagnostic machinery many times, but I never knew this type of technology existed. It identifies issues in the body and balances the system. During the diagnostic/balancing process I felt better and better with each passing minute. I look forward to  future appointments."

-Debra Moosman


"Wellness Within Me is a great place to assist your body in getting your health where you want it to be. Elyse gives great service and I am referring all of my friends who want to improve their health."

-Cynthia Seeley


"I cant say enough great things about Wellness Within Me, specifically Elyse!!! This is a path I honestly stumbled upon in my quest for better health, but I am so grateful I did. I have been open to her suggestions, and if your are too, she can really help you and guide you down the path to healing. She is so thoughtful and genuine about what she does. She really cares about healing people. If Elyse is not familiar with something you bring up, she takes the time and researches it for you so that she can better assist you. Elyse is there for you every step of the way, which is so important to someone going through a hard and scary process. This is not traditional medicine, but I believe in what she does, and I have seen it already staring to help me in my healing process. I have recommended Wellness Within Me to several of my friends and will continue to do so."

-Jennifer Holdbrook


"I would recommend Elyse Ipsen at Wellness Within Me because maintenance of good health is important and requires our attention. If you don't believe me, I challenge you to simply give it a try and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Thank you Elyse!"

-Breelyn Stanzion

I loved the service! It helped me overcome many problems."

-Sherryl Fox

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