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Dramatic Sunset

Emotional Release Therapy

One Session -$50

Package of Five $240


Emotional release therapy allows the clearing of deeply seeded emotional blockages and disturbances. Such blockages often interfere with the nervous system and cause chronic pain or disease. By releasing cellular memory of inherited and acquired emotional patterns, health is often restored and pain is relieved. Emotional release therapy can be used to create positive thoughts and decrease anxiety. Many people who have previously felt stuck in their familiar situations are transformed after they experience emotional release.  


The subconscious mind's primary goal is to keep us safe. In order to protect us from trauma it may tuck an emotion away to be processed later. If traumatic emotions did not have a chance to be fully expressed or processed, they can become trapped in the body. These trapped emotions can even begin when we are are in the womb, and they can be passed down from our ancestors. Emotional release therapy can help to identify and release stuck energetic blocks such as lingering energy from past experiences, negative subconscious beliefs and environmental intolerances. It can help pain levels decrease  and it can help people get better sleep. Emotional release therapy can help resolution of chronic skin issues, improve digestion and a create calmer, happier, lighter mood.




We do not claim to heal or cure disease or any condition from using Emotional Release Therapy.

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