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Human Touch Masssage Chair

20 Min. Session $25

Package of five 20 Min. Sessions $115

The benifits of Massage Chair Therapy


Relieve back pain

When afflicted with back pain, even the simplest tasks become huge challenges. Regular massage is known to help improve blood flow to oxygen-starved back muscles and prompts the body to release endorphins- the body’s natural painkiller. The results are faster recovery and improved range of motion.


Relieve muscle tension and stiffness

Regular massage stimulates tight muscles, joints and ligaments empowering the body to heal and improve range of motion.


Reduce muscle spasms

Spasms and cramps can be painful, unexpected, and frustrating. By gently and gradually streatching and manipulating muscles, regular massage may ease pain and hasten recovery.


Do not use the massage chair if you have a recent injury or surgery.



The Massage Chair is not intended to cure or prevent disease. Consult your physician before using the Massage Chair. 

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