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Spiral Staircase
Vortex Therapy

One session $75

Package of four $290

Package of eight $560


Vortex Therapy is a bed system that rotates the client in a safe, controlled manner. The specific rotations help to stimulate the system and encourage neurological rehabilitation in parts of the brain that have been affected by trauma or injury. 


Vortex therapy may help clients enter a hyperconscious state and maintain physical balance. Their eyes are closed, they are listening to music and they do not experience dizziness. It has been known to transform them to a state of inner power and peace that allows them to feel a deep love and connection to the rest of the world.

Vortex Therapy has been compared to an ancient dancing ritual known as the Whirling Dervishes. The essence of this Sufi Dance is a communion with the divine. The term “Dervish” literally means “doorway”. It reflects the ability of the person to be a bridge between two worlds, the materialistic world on the one hand and the spiritual, heavenly world on the other.


We do not claim to heal or cure disease or any condition from using Vortex Therapy.

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