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Give Your Liver Some Love

The liver is the major detoxifying organ in the body. It is responsible for neutralizing environmental toxins, synthetic chemicals, potential carcinogens and pathogens. It removes excess glucose from the blood and breaks down stored glucose when blood sugar levels begin to fall too low.

The liver also is responsible for thousands of biochemical reactions, including elimination of waste products, regulating energy, supporting metabolism, and balancing hormones. It produces proteins needed for blood clotting, assists in the production of bile to promotes digestion and stores vitamins and minerals.

The liver is the only visceral organ in the body that can actually regenerate itself. If even a mere quarter of your original liver is left, it can regenerate back to its full size. The liver has an immense capacity to repair itself. It just needs a little extra love and attention. Here are some tips for improving your liver function.

  • Take milk thistle

  • Use a dry brush set

  • Try castor oil packs

  • Drink dandelion tea

  • Do a liver and gallbladder flush

  • Soak in an epsom salt bath

  • Try breathing exercises

  • Try Meditation

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