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The Benefits Of Cleansing

Cleansing is a process of removing toxins and debris from your body.

It improves digestion resulting in weight loss and glowing skin.

Cleansing significantly increases energy, vitality and brain function.

All cells and organs are dependent upon a well functioning digestive system. Abnormalities begin to arise in the system when one or more of these functions become impaired. If our bodies become polluted and congested, there is a risk of weakening our glands and organs. Over time, they are less able to function at peak capacity. Disease can be the result of poor lifestyle and dietary choices.

A compromised digestive system inhibits unhealthy flora, and can result in mucus accumulation in the stomach, along the intestinal wall, and in the colon. This mucus accumulation is known as mucoid plaque and it retains various substances including unhealthy bacteria, viruses, drugs, heavy metals, yeast, and parasites. Mucoid plaque can be described as a slimy, gel-like mucus that forms as a layer covering the inner lining of various hollow organs. The build up of mucoid plaque can have a disruptive influence on digestive health and may inhibit the bodies ability to absorb vital nutrients.

The goal of doing a cleanse is to remove the mucoid plaque and improve bowel function. Cleansing encourages the removal of built-up internal toxins and helps your body move toward a state of optimum health.

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