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At Wellness Within Me, we aim to provide quality and comprehensive health and wellness services in order to help all of our clients reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind. We are here to serve our community in the quest for healthier, happier more balanced lives. we are happy to offer the latest in next- generation wellness technologies to help restructure the core of your being to facilitate optimum health and longevity.

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Services We Offer

Our mission at Wellness Within Me is to educate, support and empower our clients to create behavioral changes in their lives to improve their health and well being. In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services. Take a look at some of the services, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Colon Hydrotherapy

One Session $70
Package of Three $200
Package of Eight $500

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of filtered water into the large intestine.  It is a process of irrigating the bowel to help the body eliminate the build up of mucoid plaque, toxins, fecal parasites, gas, and mucus.  As the waste is softened the person receiving this procedure has the ability to release easily and comfortably through natural peristalsis.

Infrared Sauna

One Session $30
Package of Five $125

Infrared Sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat, which is absorbed directly into the human body, unlike the traditional hot-air sauna. Traditional hot-air saunas must rely only on indirect means of heat: first on convention (air currents) and then conduction (direct contact of hot air with the skin) to produce its healing affects. The internal production of infrared energy that normally occurs within our tissues is associated with a variety of healing responses and may require a boost to a maximal level to insure the fullest healing response possible in a tissue under repair.  The sun is the principal source that we experience daily. The infrared Sauna is just like the heat from the sun or which that our own bodies produce as they burn fuel to keep us warm. The infrared energy applied in the Infrared Sauna may induce up to 2-3 times the sweat volume of a traditional hot-air sauna, while operating at a significantly cooler air temperature range of 110-130 F degrees versus 180-235 F degrees. Due to the deep penetration over 1.5" into the skin of the infrared rays, there is a heating effect deep in the muscular tissues and the internal organs. The infrared Sauna has been recognized throughout history and by different cultures as a viable means of relaxing and cleansing the body, improving overall health, and promoting a sense of well being.


Ionic Detox Footbath

One Session $30
Package of Five $125

An ionic detox footbath is a method of detoxifying the body via the feet.  Gentle and relaxing detox sessions allow the body to uptake and utilize the benefits of this ionic process by balancing and re-energizing the body’s natural ability to purge toxins and heal itself.


One Session $100
Package of Four $360
Package of Ten $750

Biofeedback is a method to measure the electro-magnetic reactivity in the body via different electro-magnetic responses.  It compares the tri-vector resonant frequencies of complex mathematical calculations of the body with nearly 7000 known compounds stored in the largest software database in the world.  Current Rife and other point probe devices only measure resistance. Then it feeds back information, in the form of recommended homeopathic solutions, electro-acupuncture, meridian and naturopathic balancing, to the practitioner and client in easy to understand numbers, charts and text.

Whole Body Vibration

One Session $10
Package of Five $45

Whole body vibration is a machine which has been designed to improve general health by providing a safe and gentle form of exercise. Stand on a oscillating platform that produces a vibration technology. 
These vertical vibrations are produced with a side-alternating rocking movement, similar to walking.
Our body reacts to this natural stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles will react up to 23 times per second (approximately 11-12 contractions and 11-12 relaxations), and as the acceleration forces increase, your body will feel as though it "weighs" more. This clever technology means you can work against a far greater influence or "load" of gravity in every movement you perform.  Ten minutes on the vibrational machine is equivalent to one hour of exercise.
Studies performed at NASA found that vibration technology can help prevent the dramatic muscle deterioration and bone loss astronauts experience in the weightless environment in space. Physicians who performed the NASA study believe that whole body vibration technology holds promise not only for astronauts, but for others experiencing bone or muscle deterioration as well. In fact, whole body vibration is currently being used by physical therapy centers, spas, and clinics to help alleviate the symptoms of many health issues.

Migun Thermal Massage Bed

One Session $15

Package of Five Sessions $65

Migun is a concept that integrates principles form Oriental medicine with Western technology to create a massage that will help energize and balance the internal energy flow within the body.

The Migun is based on chiropractic, far-infared, acupuncture, acupressure and massage. The Migun may improve sleep, stress, inflammation, circulation, sore muscles, blood sugar, blood pressure, digestive system, back problems, and strengthen the immune system.

Vortex Therapy

One Session $100

Package of 10 $850

Vortex Therapy is a bed system that is scientifically developed to assist with PTSD, addiction, emotional trauma, head injures, concussions, stress and bipolar disorder. This therapy allows deep, patterned neuron pathways to de-tangle through a spinning process in a safe environment. It assists in creating  healthier neuron pathways for balance, emotional release, energy release, and memory release. Vortex therapy assists in the healing process of the brain due to trauma on a physical, emotional or mental level.

Synergie Cellulite/Lymphatic Therapy

One Session $75

Package of 16 $1000

The Synergie Cellulite/Lymphatic Therapy is a no-invasive deep, vacuum massage with optimal stimulation, stretching, and pressure to sub dermal tissues. This method of massage is for the relief of muscle soreness, improvement in local blood circulation, lymph stimulation, cellulite, and reduction in circumferential body measurements.

Health Consultation

One Session $60

Follow up Session $45

Health consulting approaches issues related to your overall health, and general well-being. Sessions are customized and may include emotional release and generational healing. In addition, health consultations address nutrition, stress, weight management, fitness, and other health-related issues, while the main focus is making improvements toward long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Our consultants make recommendations for nutrition modifications, and encourage you to achieve optimal health.

Phone consultations are available upon request please contact us at 801-915-0639. 

BioMat Therapy

30 Minute Session $30

60 Minute Session $60

The BioMat is a unique device combining far infrared rays, negative ions, amethyst and tourmaline

 crystals to produce deep penetrating light energy and heat for a maximum healing experience.

It’s a safe and natural way to find temporary relief from minor spasms, minor sprains, minor muscle pain, and minor joint pain associated with arthritis. The BioMat may help strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress. It also produces negative ions, nature’s energizer, which deliver a molecular level massage. This accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes.

The Six Day Cleanse


This  includes the products for the cleanse

and six colon hydrotherapy sessions

The Six Day Cleanse is designed to clean out the digestive system. It is a gentle process that may help rid the body of mucoid plaque, toxins, intestinal parasites, and relieve digestive aliments. When you improve your diet and strive for maximum health, the first step is to remove the mucoid plaque that is stuck on the walls of the colon. Parasites usually bury themselves behind the mucoid plaque as well as yeast and bacteria. When you cleanse you are pulling out their homes and you are removing toxic buildup. This may help to create a much better environment for healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is commonly reported that when mucoid plaque is removed, people notice significant improvements in their health. The benefits of cleansing include increased energy, more efficient digestion, clarity of mind, and may help reduce your waistline, clear your complexion and boost the immune system.

The Liver and Gall Bladder Flush


This  includes two colon hydrotherapy sessions

The liver and Gallbladder flush is a quick and easy way to flush out toxins from an overburdened liver and gall bladder. The liver is our blood filter, nutrient transporter and the vital organ for weight loss and metabolism. Cleansing the liver may be one of the best ways to lose weight. The liver filters the blood by helping to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria and it secretes vital digestive juices that help the body properly digest food.

The Gallbladder works as a storage system for the liver and is well know for assisting in the breaking down of fats. Gallstones are formed from eating a high protein diet, eating too many acid-forming foods and having too much emotional stress. Cleansing the gallbladder may help promote a healthy Bodyweight by encouraging normal function of the digestive system and it also makes it easier for the liver to produce bile. Clearing the congestion bestween the gallbladder and the liver allows the body to release stones and promote overall health and wellness.

Our Story

Wellness Within Me was founded in 2000  in order to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health of our customers. We offer a variety of services and classes to help you maintain your optimal health. We can assist you in improving or maintaining your health and well being. Wellness Within Me provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment.


"He who has health, has hope and he who has hope, has everything"

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